Global narratives springing from a pandemic

London, England

A few days into social distancing, I started thinking about how to capture my experience of locking down during COVID-19.

I realised that living around the world has helped to prepare me. This isn’t the first time I’ve been in lockdown; I’ve managed before with a limited range of items in the shops; and while I’ve resolved to make sure I have a garden the next time there’s a pandemic, I’ve otherwise adapted with very little mental resistance.

We keep hearing that this is an unprecedented moment in history. So I thought one way to make us feel part of a global experience would be to capture different accounts of how this is touching lives around the world.

I’m really excited, and hope The Lockdown Lens attracts a breadth of voices and perspectives. I hope it can be a space to share unfiltered accounts from everyday life, comedy moments, hacks, recipes, emotions to more reflective pieces, commentaries, epiphanies. And when this is all over we will have something tangible to remember how it collectively shaped where we go next.

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