To my daughter, when you are older

This dad wrote a letter for his young daughter to read when she’s older.

Dearest daughter 

I’m writing to tell you about a very strange development in the world. This has happened very suddenly and you may well remember some of these details in the future.

Earlier this year, a strange virus started making some people in China ill. It started in a place called Wuhan. There are lots of unknown things about this virus. Scientists soon realised that it was actually a completely new illness, a new virus from a family of viruses known as “coronavirus”. This particular virus was called Covid-19, a scientific name for this type of coronavirus.

Initially, due to its close relationship to things like colds and flus, no-one treated it very seriously. In fact, many people said there was nothing to worry about at all, especially as China was very far away – and besides, most people were recovering fine after getting ill. However, people soon started to realise that the virus was able to spread across the world very quickly, and jump from person to person just from going near someone or touching the same surfaces etc. Within a few weeks it appeared everywhere in the world, and the numbers of cases quickly reached hundreds of thousands.

Unfortunately, while the virus was harmless to most people, a small number of people who got it became really ill. Some of those people sadly started to die. Because the virus was so easy to catch, slowly the government started to get involved and tell people to stay at home and stay away from each other.

Right now, to keep safe from the virus, everyone is staying in their houses. Your school is closed and you are at home with Mama and I. We are not allowed to go out unless we need essential items from the shop, and even then we have to wear masks and keep away from others. It’s a very strange experience indeed.

This is a frightening time for many people, but we are holding onto the belief that good things can come out of every difficult situation. We are trying not to worry or stress over something that we cannot control. We hope this danger will pass, and a cure for the virus will be found soon. Then people will not have to keep hidden away any longer.

The best thing about all this has been the opportunity to spend time with you. You’ve been really happy because you don’t have school and you love to play at home all day. Unfortunately this does sometimes mean that you get bored, because on weekdays Mama and I still have to work from home on our computers. However, we’ve also been eating and playing and praying together, and you’ve been doing artwork and sketching in the garden, and we sometimes watch programmes and films together on TV. Before the shutdown we bought  lots of outdoor playing equipment like frisbees and a basketball hoop and a rugby ball thing with a tail that flies through the air, so that we could play in our garden together. It’s been like a little holiday so far, and we are fortunate to have a lovely home and family to enjoy.

I pray that by the time you see this letter there is no such danger in the world, and that all our loved ones are healthy and safe. You really are the light of our lives and make everything beautiful and easy for us. You bring us so much joy and happiness that all the darkness in the world is chased away. We often sit downstairs when you’re asleep and discuss how you deserve to have so much more, but we can’t always give you everything. However, you do have ALL of our love.

Lots and lots of love and hugs,

Your Daddy 

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