Sara’s lockdown experience

Birmingham, England

For the last 2 weeks, I have not left my house due to the coronavirus. It has been good and bad in many ways.

During the coronavirus I have done the same thing in my spare time, playing with toys and watching TV. The weather this spring has been very warm and sunny so I have also been playing on my swing in the garden. Playing in the garden is fun but I didn’t like it when I got chased by a really big bumble bee! I am looking forward to planting some strawberries with my parents.

My life has changed. My daily routine has changed as I don’t have to wake up really early or go to bed early. My clubs are different because they are online and my school is different because my parents print out work booklets for me. Now I have to wash my hands more regularly and be a bit more careful with touching things outside. The last time I was at school on Wednesday was very different compared to the other days because of the coronavirus. We had to repeatedly wash our hands in the day and had new spaces to sit so we were not sitting right next to each other. Also fewer children were attending school. 

In school I have breaks in between my learning time where we can play with our friends but unfortunately, at home I have no brothers or sisters to play with. I really miss my friends because they would usually keep me company and play with me. Being left alone to occupy yourself can be very boring sometimes, especially when you can’t even go out and play. However, I sometimes talk to my family to keep me company. I now spend more time with my family. We do things as a family and we spend time together because we are all at home together.

I hope the vaccine will be made soon so that I can live the way I used to. When this is hopefully over, I am looking forward to going to Scotland to see my family. We couldn’t go this Easter because of the coronavirus. I am also looking forward to being able to go out again and see my friends.

By Sara, age 9

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