The shower dilemma

Paris, France

I would have never imagined that the number one topic of discussion with my friends would one day be about how often we are showering. Two weekends ago, I started this discussion with some friends on a group video call. Ever since, we have been keeping each other updated of our shower time, accompanied sometimes with a picture. In pyjamas. In a nice and fancy outfit. In an incomplete outfit. A picture of the empty shower. 

The lockdown has disrupted our routine habits. What is the point of showering when I know, based on the last five weeks, that my day will not be any different socially from the ones before it? Exercising at some point during the day would require a shower. But the sport session might be in the evening rather than in the morning. There is no pressure to meet anyone. I will be my only companion. Also, why should I take a shower now if I know that I might go out for a walk or for groceries, and that the virus can stay on clothes for several hours? I will have to shower after my outing. And when does a shower become more important than enjoying the warm weather on the balcony?

I am totally free of my schedule, and I am not necessarily prepared for freedom. This is such an interesting time to explore the paradoxical effect of freedom! And our existential choices. What is it that really matters for my time to be filled with? Why would showering be prioritised over cooking, or cleaning, or reading, or studying, or working? Or simply hanging out ? What is the actual priority ? Having plenty of time suddenly offers us new possibilities. We could suddenly train to become yogis, dancers, filmmakers, learn a new language, chefs, and so on. And still have time to spare. Our daily habits have been so much determined by our social lives, and schedule. 

If you are now wondering about my own showering habits, well, I will not surprise you much. I have at least one shower per day, or worst case, every two days. I need to keep moving, even if it is just out of restlessness. Feeling the warm water on my body brings me back here, and it can be so anchoring, when my mind is going in all kinds of directions within this lockdown. Thank you for reading my shower philosophising! 

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