Reflections from a London household

London, England

‘It’ all seemed so far away – China! And even when ‘it’ reached Italy, maybe having decided on Brexit, it was ‘over there and we felt removed from any threat. But….. we are all connected’ and this ‘Runway’ disease knows no borders.

The Lockdown though, we should have anticipated it (other than toilet paper and pasta!) caught us unawares – a little like “where were you when the music stopped?” Some in the wrong place, some miles away not able to get to their otherwise ‘Households’ of choice. 

Yes there is a feeling of fear – for oneself and loved ones. The not knowing, the uncertainty. This invisible enemy, whose attack is indiscriminate, unpredictable. The worry about being caught, in spite of all good efforts, precautions and adherence to the Government guidelines..  

We’ve all had to adapt – discover more about oneself, discover new ways of living, of socializing, of being; realise the things that are not really important and the people who are, and they include the professions and workers who we should now recognize and respect as being important – no essential – to our everyday living.  It has been hard for us all in differing ways; but particularly for those who have worked with, or contracted COVID19 and especially those who sadly have lost loved ones to the virus. Yet, there have been positives and we must hold on to these and the belief that ‘This will pass.’

Contact with and from Christmas cards friends has opened up connections. We’ve ‘checked in’ frequently with family and friends. I’ve become a more proficient IT user, taken online courses, explored functions on my mobile phone and discovered the fun of family and friends Zoom encounters. I thought I would miss many things – like outings to the cinema and theatre. But in reality, it’s been difficult keeping up with broadcasts of some good films and streamings of live plays, operas and concerts.

Who would have thought of the enjoyment from daily walks round the block, appreciating people criss-crossing the road to keep their distance, until some got inured to the restrictions and the pavements became busy.

The world outside has been peaceful: no cars speeding down the road; no planes soaring overhead. Only the birds seem to be making more noise – are they loudly rejoicing about the cleaner air, or is it because I can now hear them.

The Spring weather has been dry and warm. Being lucky to have a garden, there’s been the opportunity to dose up on vitamin D while tending the garden or enjoying an outside gym.  No excuse for weight gain! Food has been interesting. Simple and inventive meals, as one’s normal shopping trolley has had to adapt. Panic – No! but I never realized how much the British loved eggs!

So, when the ‘lock’ is opened, what then?  What will we have learned? What must we NOT forget? We’re not going back to ‘normal. No one can. Not least because the way we were living was not ‘normal’. We should all think about and make our own pledge for our ‘new normal. Let’s have faith. ‘It’ will pass.

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