Inaaya’s life under lockdown

London, United Kingdom

Hello. My name is Inaaya Shah. I am an 11 year old girl living in coronavirus-affected England. Life here has changed a lot for me. School has shut down for one. You might think that’s perfect for me but it is not. You see, I’m in year 6 at school. I was going to do my SATs this year but they are now cancelled. To be honest, I actually wanted to do my SATs. Another thing affected by coronavirus is my residentials.  Residentials is an activity when my class goes to Norfolk (a place in England that’s 82 miles away from London) and stay at this place for a few days and do some fun stuff like archery and zip lining. It is disappointing that it has been cancelled now. Although we have an extra-long holiday, it is not as fun as it seems. We can’t visit our relatives and friends, we can’t go on holiday or go to some fun place near us. We have to social distance now. At some shops like Asda, they have these long queues just to get inside for shopping. In addition, they have queues at the checking points too. 

Although most is bad here in coronavirus England, there is some good too. Like now I got Roblox (an online game). My Mum said after my SATs I could get it but because I can’t do my SATs I could get it early. Another thing is that we fixed our old computer so that I could do my homework online. My uncle helped via phone because he lives in Texas. This is good because that’s where I have roblox. 

Another thing is that it is Ramadan. I am a Muslim so I am fasting. It’s good I don’t have the pressure of my SATs or would not have been able to fast. The way I am learning at home is via websites like Purple Mash where our teachers send us work to print and to do homework on the website. The school also does competitions for us. This picture that can be seen at the top was my entry for one of those competitions the school sent. The competition was about who is your hero in this pandemic. I and my Mum decided to do nurses, because we think that they are doing an amazing job looking after sick people. We sent it via email and soon my teacher called us and said that we won and they would send us the prize soon. I am still waiting to get my prize. 

So there you have it, my review of my life under coronavirus.

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