Holding out an olive jar

Buckinghamshire, England

I live in a small block of flats, over a couple of floors, and get on very well with two of my neighbours in particular. Each of us live alone, so it’s nice to have kind and reliable people so close by. In normal times we’ll quite often go for an evening walk together, or have a film night in one of our flats and send each other little gifts for Christmas and birthdays or help out if someone needs it. We have a WhatsApp group between the three of us and lately we’ve been using it more to communicate, despite only being a few metres away from each other in the safety of our own walls. I ‘overheard’ a conversation between the two of them on this group the other day and it made me smile because even though we need to remain physically distant, we don’t have to be entirely distant. We’re not truly alone.

A: Worst thing about this lockdown so far, I can’t open this jar of olives. I’ve nearly broken my wrist trying to do it

B: Have you put an elastic band around it?

A: I don’t have one

B: Leave it outside your door and I’ll come up and open it for you. If I can

A: Thank you!!! I love you

B: No worries. Coming up now.

<a few minutes pass…>

A: Thank youuu

B: Anytime. Glad I could be of help. It was a tough one for sure!

A: I am never moving as there are no better neighbours than you two

B: Haha, why is that?

A: Because one of you bought me the jar of olives and the other one opened it for me 😊

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